Oh FRIENDS, URGENT NEED for a special family


UPDATE 8/4/2017 BABY IS MATCHED!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! SPECIAL ANGELS ADOPTION, is looking  for a homestudy ready family for a baby boy born with a heart issue and a brain issue. This precious little guy is of East Indian descent and is currently in a mid-western state.

midwest-map for adoption

HE URGENTLY NEEDS A FAMILY : He is about to be released from the hospital and a family is  needed with him ASAP.

Fees will be around $12,000.

Thank you all so much for loving these little ones and SHARING or APPLYING if you are eligible and the situation matches your family. Without YOU many of these children would not have found their family!! So, Thanks again! Share, APPLY, and PRAY for the families making  very difficult heart choices.

If you are interested in helping support my blog, right now I have a Poll in my LuLaRoe group and I will pick a winner of a free new style GIGI from one of the participants. Here is my FB group, Thanks so much!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/BrownswissmommaBoutique/


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