I am never quite sure how to describe myself.  When I was little, I swore I would never get married and didnt’ want any kids, just ask my sisters. I have four of them. After graduating college with a BS in Biology  from Slippery Rock University at 20, I was accepted to the accelerated PhD program in reproductive physiology at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Before I left for graduate school, I met my future husband, Ray in my hometown. He followed me to SRU and we eloped to Paducah, KY one Thursday because we could get it done in one day. They asked two questions: are you married? and are you related? We got such a charge out of those questions 🙂 During my time there, I decided just to do Master’s and go to vet school. Well, God had other ideas.

My sister got diagnosed with MS during a school break and she was hospitalized. My parents were having other struggles at that time, so I went home to help watch her two children temporarily. Ray came too. Ray, of course, looked for employment. Six months later, we bought a house and I reapplied to go back in Jan. I found out I was pregnant in Nov. The chemicals used for my projects I did not feel were safe while pregnant, so I decided to wait till after the baby. That’s the beginning of the story.

Now, one step-daughter, 5 biological, and 5 adopted children later…Along the way, I had one still borne little boy and 4 early miscarriages that shaped me in ways that are hard to explain.

My blog is about my life with my husband and children on a Western PA small farm. My thoughts, and feelings are bared as I work through them in light of God’s  Word.

I hope you enjoy the journey in my shoes.


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    • Thank you, it is something I have definitely not “gotten over” don’t know if you ever do. But, there is always the warm comfort of the arms of Jesus.

  1. Wow!! What a great story! A friend of yours was telling me about Eli and I had to get on here and read some of your posts. All of your children are beautiful!!

  2. You were at the top of the Inspiration page on WordPress today and having looked through your blog I can see why. Beautiful family and story of your children and their struggle and challenges. All written with such grace God bless and thank you for the inspiration to be better today and in the future

  3. Today a couple from our church presented information about your adoption and financial need. I was very interested and after reading your blog I am so glad to know that you are allowing God to use you. What a blessing to this baby to have a loving family waiting on her. I will be praying for your family and the baby and will be reading your blog on a regular basis I’m sure.

    • I am so grateful for all the prayers. I know God is ABLE!! Thank you, and hoping that we can raise the funds needed to love on this special little one 🙂

  4. I saw that you posted about Amy Carmichael. She’s fantastic and I actually work for the publishing company that produces a lot of her books! I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a review on a new one we have out, called Plowed Under. She is an amazing woman and we want more people to know about her!
    Email me if you are interested!
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Geli Ziegler

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you could share how your family has raised the funds for your adoptions. My husband and I have 11 children, 4 biological and 7 adopted. Our last beautiful baby boy was an emergency placement ,we did not have any funds saved back at that time but the agency allowed us to make payments and do f und raisers….but we have really struggled.to raise much….we still owe about $5,000 by Dec.1st 2013 We believe God will provide,but interested in what yo did. Thank you !

    • Our initial funds came from an insurance settlement when our eldest daughter was killed in an automobile accident. We wanted to use the funds for good and not just spend them on “things”. I think she would have approved 🙂 Other than that, friends and family helped. This last adoption our blog friends helped raise the money for the fees!! Thank you all!!

  6. Hi, my name is Isaac, I work at hope for families adoption. I monitor our facebook and I noticed we get a lot of referrals from your site, and I see here that you have a link to us on your page. I just wanted to thank you for helping us out! And possibly see if there’s anything else we can do to help each other. Please message me at Isaac@hopeforfamilies.org
    Thanks, have a great day 🙂

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