Adoption Links

For our Adoption Fund:

  Facebook pages that list situations:

Links for agencies, facilitators that publish situations:

Favorite agency, consultant, facilitator blogs

Understand: very few of these agencies/facilitators/lawyers have I personally worked with, this is just a collection of links to help everyone. And as always, if you would like to see a link here, please ask!

*None of these links imply endorsement


Instead of selling something pretty, or trying to make you buy something that you may, or may not, want; I freely offer my blogs and especially this links page that I have developed over years of work. If you feel led to help keep this page running by helping us in our adoption journey just hit the “for our adoption fund” button on this page or on the sidebar of my blog site. It takes you to a paypal fund.

Always when our agency has special needs situations, they have no payment plan and the agency fee for special needs situations is now $16000 fixed. I have no timeframe God knows what the timeframe is. One thing I know is that I HATE to say no. Right now as situations come in we will not be able to say yes…. not able to say yes is a NO 😥

  • 1/20/15 Donation total: $45.00

  • 1/21/15 Donation total: $95.00

  • 1/23/15 Donation total $195.00

  • 2/24/15 Donation total $445.00   I appreciate your gifts!

    For our Adoption Fund:


8 comments on “Adoption Links

  1. A friend of ours told us about your Blog and we were wondering if we could be added to the list of resources. We are a non-profit organization advocating for the adoption of all children in need of forever families, and those with special needs. We also provide resources to families seeking to adopt and counseling to birth moms, birth parents, and/or adoptive families who are unsure if they can continue to parent their adopted child. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Do you mind adding Haven Adoptions to your list of links? Our agency is a licensed PA agency specializing in domestic adoption. We work with adoptive parents and biological parents offering all services for all parties in the adoption process. We also have a specialized program for adoptive parent(s) for Grant and Funding Education and Options. Our mission is to provide support, truth, advocacy and options to a universal everyone we work with.

  3. Is it possible for grandparents to take children until an adoptive family is found I would love to have little people (dwarfs) from birth until placed we have so much love to give can we share it

  4. Jean, I suggest looking into the foster program with your states department of children/family services.

    Esther, please consider adding to your resource list. We’ve done our best to create an informative website, including articles, links to studies, statistics, and Q&A section. Thanks for your consideration and effort in maintaining this resource list!

  5. Thank you so much for this list!! It was so incredibly helpful and exactly what I’ve been looking for. Can I suggest you make a note next to “Abby’s One True Gift” though. They were investigated by the Iowa Attorney General’s office in 2010-2011 for fraud and their license was revoked. Unfortunately, we did not know this when we started working with them on Dec 20, 2016. Because of several red flags, we began researching them, and discovered that they were again trying to commit fraud by “matching” us with a birth mom who was not actually available to be matched. It was devastating and upsetting to discover that we almost gave $30K to an agency that was scamming us. So, when I saw them on your list, I thought I should say something.

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