Paw Petrol and Curious George watching family needed


At fourteen, this little one is requesting a new family. She is in a loving family with younger children, having been adopted in 2014 from another country. She has multiple special needs and her adoptive family really feels it is best for her to be placed with a family without the jealousy she feels towards the younger children.  She wears glasses and uses a walker only in school (at home she climbs the steps independently).

She likes to color, do puzzles, play with her ipad and watch  Paw Petrol and Curious George on the TV ! She is in 8th grade in school in a self-contained classroom. She can read a few sight words and can only write her name.  She is well loved in her classroom by her teachers, helping them. She loves adult interaction and soaks it up like a sponge.

She has both medical and trauma related needs. She has an extensive list, but do not let this prevent you from seeing the beautiful girl she is beneath the labels… Spina Bifida, FAS, PTSD, RAD and anxiety.


Her family is willing to consider guardianship with the right family, but prefers a straight adoption placement.  If you are homestudy ready, have current clearances and references; please send your information and questions to:

Please share if she is not your little girl. Families in this situation are facing a lot of heartbreak and any support that we can give is so appreciated.  You know the saying … walk a mile in their shoes…


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URGENT toddler boy ready to be released from the hospital!

Walk through this worldOh families, I just cannot believe this little guy is still waiting! Special angels adoption continues to look for a family ( there was a family but the match did not work out) for a little man who is fifteen months old. He suffered a stroke but has made some progress and he is saying a few words. Waving bye, smiling, batting at toys. There is no way to know what his progress will be, but these are VERY promising signs!


HE is READY to be released from the hospital, yet has no home to go to!! Please, if you are homestudy ready, and ready to move forward right now, email to be presented!!

Thank you all for sharing this post! I know a family is waiting for him, but they need to know he is here and waiting!! So, please share and share again and pray for the birth family, the little boy and that the adoptive family can find him!!


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Home desperately needed for an 8 year old Caucasian girl

Sugar and spice and everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of…


This little girl is being placed by her grandmother who freely admits she is not attached the way she should be to her. She was placed with grandma at age 2 1/2 by the state. This little one was drug exposed prenatally and grandma believes she would benefit from a full IEP evaluation for learning support.  She is not impulsive. She loves to draw! She also loves to do ANYTHING with anyone, she craves attention that grandma admits she does not give… This little one is socially behind, per her grandma, and does not have any close friends. She has some self protective mechanisms in place, such as zoning out, when she is given criticism or lengthy directions for a task. Grandma says doing anything with her makes her happy.


She is completely functional and capable and, with the proper family who can give her affection and time that she is craving, she has awesome potential to set the world ablaze!!

There is some urgency with this situation, as the grandmother just cannot seem to love this little girl the way she deserves to be loved.

Family desired: 

  • No children or, if there are children, they should be older than this little girl so she can have lots of individual attention.
  • Must be homestudy ready
  • Live close enough to the state of Indiana, or be willing to maintain contact with grandmother and her sibling, who is also placed with the grandmother.

If you are interested, contact:

Inna Pekar at Kids First Adoption:


And once again, thank you friends for sharing these situations and caring so much about the children and families affected by adoption. Lets pray that a family’s heart is drawn towards this little girl and they have a hole in their heart, shaped just for her to fill, and that they find this post and find her… Please share that they can find her…


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Four Year old boy in Western US Needs a family

AT Four, most little guys fly by for a fleeting hug and smiles flash over their face as they  slash with their swords… in their ninja turtle outfits…



This little one is a lot more patient with loving… He is chronologically four, but developmentally at a one year old level.  He has a medical condition that makes it difficult for him to thrive. He is beginning to EAT and pinches food between his two fingers like a champ! He interacts, but does not speak!! Sounds like a perfect candidate for ASL!! He has some fine motor skills with his hands, but lacks effective speech.

western US


He is located in the WESTERN part of the US. Marian has had a few families respond, but “they all go away” this little one will be a life long commitment ( what child is not? ) . I know there is a family that will love and cherish and teach him!!

The fees:$ 3500 for the agency + the attorney fees of $ 3000.

If your heart is saying…Oh yes!! I need to know more!! And you have a current homestudy with current clearances…


If he is a great fit for your family… contact MARIAN!! If not, please PRAY and SHARE that he finds his family Today!

Love to all of you, Esther

She wanted a home for Christmas, But Santa did not Deliver

She wanted a Home for Christmas, but Santa did not deliver


In a Southeastern state, there is an eleven year old girl who, through no fault of her own, has been passed around from family member to family member… Her birth mother has decided it is enough and she really wants a more stable home for her daughter. Her birth mother has been diagnosed as bipolar/depressive.


 This little one has older siblings and it is thought the best family would have no children younger than her. She really needs an experienced parent or parents to love her and give her the structure she so badly needs. Her momma said she has always had trouble bonding with her little girl from the time she was born… her momma admits that they are a dysfunctional family and wants more for her daughter. This little one has been diagnosed with autism, but is very high functioning and the autism is mild; she does take two medications to help with some of the symptoms from this diagnosis.

th[7] (2)


The agency met with the little girl and she is excited to have a stable home. In the past, she really loved a beagle that they had for a time and wishes to have pets!! She plays outside. She loves the color purple!! She wants to have a basketball hoop in her new home. She wants to learn gymnastics and how to ride a horse…

There is so much more to tell about this very charming, smart, and curious little girl!!



If you are interested in adopting this little one who needs a family IMMEDIATELY and moved to a permanent home ASAP and have a current homestudy and can send it along with a profile ; please contact me at and I will forward your email to the placing agency…

Fees are $10,000 for all agency fees. Attorney fees are extra.

THIS IS NOT A GUARDIANSHIP situation; so please do not reply if that is the only kind of situation you are considering; that just would not be fair to this little girl who needs something more…

IF she is NOT your little girl, please, please pray she finds her family today.