Special baby girl due in TX deadline Nov 21



A Bundle of Joy is networking with an agency in Texas seeking a family for a baby girl due in January 2018 in Texas. Please note, this will be a special needs adoption, as the precious bundle will be born with heterotaxy syndrome and a complex congenital heart disease.  Her heart  will require many surgeries throughout her lifetime; one of which will be during her first week of life. The baby’s stomach is also located on the right side as indicated in ultra sound report. The link provided is from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, but please be sure to speak your pediatrician regarding herterotaxy. http://www.chop.edu/conditions-diseases/heterotaxy-syndrome-isomerism
Expectant mother is in her early thirties and denies the use of drugs, alcohol and mental illness. She admits to smoking Marijuana a few times and drinking socially, and stopped when she learned of her pregnancy.  The expectant father is unknown.   The expectant momma enjoys helping others and singing.  She would like to place her baby girl with a family who will love her unconditionally and provide her with a better life than she can provide.  SERIOUS inquires only will be provided with social summary and medical records (141 pages total) to review.
Deadline to respond is  Noon EST Tuesday, November 21 if you would like to be presented for this adoption opportunity.  As this case is urgent, ABOJ will respond to email over the weekend to answer questions.
Agency fees $15,000 (does not include finalization)
Finalization $2,600-3,500
ABOJ Networking & Referral Fee $2,000

*** Only registered families will be presented  to the agency working with the expectant mother.  To Register contact:


Martine H. Powell, M.A.
Senior Adoption Advisor
A Bundle of Joy Adoption Networking & Referral
131 Brooks Edge Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27107
(336) 770-2675 Phone ext. 1
(336) 585-7016 Fax

If this little one does not fit your family, I am sure she does fit someone’s !! So, please share so the expectant mom can find a great match for her special little one!

Thank you all for sharing !!  My part in helping with family finances are women’s clothing and coffee!! Any purchase is greatly appreciated!

http://brownswissmomma.bttboutique.com  and https://javamomma.com?amfc149 


National Down Syndrome Adoption Network has a great need for FAMILIES

I was young once, I was insecure once, I could not breathe once…


We were approved for special needs placements right from the beginning…but you see, in my head I had the view of what child I thought that meant… maybe drug exposed, maybe delayed, maybe diabetic… maybe deaf… but…

The phone rang (this was before cell phones were common) I can remember pacing back and forth as the worker asked if we would consider… a baby in Pittsburgh, born last weekend with Down syndrome… they had one family but they had just had a placement of another baby with Down syndrome not even three months ago and it was their third placement in two years…

My mind absolutely raced… I had not planned for this…my other brain was saying well the mom did not plan for this either… and I was like … I have no idea where to begin, who do I contact for a doctor? What would I do for therapies, would our health insurance cover the baby… and on and on.. Then that calmer brain said, come on you could do this.. And one side of my brain won… We said, No.. I thought someone else might be better who knew how to DO IT!!  Later of course we had the chance again.. and we said YES 🙂 Josiah is so precious to us… so very precious. Do not let fear RULE!!


That decision has haunted me, because, I could have done it! I just did not have confidence in ME… in US!!  I just had no way to contact a tribe!! FB was not a thing, I knew only one person who had a child with DS.

world at your fingertips

Today you all are so very fortunate to have the world at your fingertips, to have advice from parents who are eager to help…raise a child with Down syndrome.


Stephanie Thompson, the director of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network NEEDS families!! If you live in these states, she has NO families in her registry!! If she is contacted by an expectant mom, or a mom who has given birth…or an agency who needs a family for a baby with Down syndrome; she has to show them someone from another state, and sometimes the hospital stays for these little ones are LONG and being in the same state is a PLUS for that and, also, no ICPC and third… subsidy is much easier to apply for!! So can you believe it, these states have NO FAMILIES registered! 

Connecticut     Hawaii     Delaware     Illinois     Kansas     Kentucky     Maine     Massachusetts     Michigan     Mississippi   Missouri     Montana     Nebraska     Nevada     New Hampshire          New Mexico        North Carolina     North Dakota     Oklahoma     Oregon     Rhode Island     South Carolina     South Dakota     Washington     Wisconsin     Wyoming


Other states have at least one family, but more are needed, because most families who adopt children with Down syndrome are older ,experienced families; that is not a BAD thing, but sometimes, the expectant families like to see a variety of families!! So if you are on the registry already, Stephanie appreciates each and every one of you!!


There is a SPECIAL need for families who are not gender specific and especially open to infant BOYS whose fees are over $10,000. Although the NDSAN charges NO fees… ZERO for their work… agencies and lawyers DO usually… Those fees, Stephanie cannot control and they can have quite a wide range.


IF you are NOT homestudy ready and wish to find an agency, also contact Stephanie who can give you the list she has of agencies in YOUR state that are experienced in special needs placements!! This is so very important, as special needs placements can be much more time consuming and difficult!

To register as a family open to the placement of

infants or children with Down syndrome:

PLEASE contact, Stephanie Thompson at NDSAN,

there are ZERO fees to register, ZERO fees for their assistance!!

www.ndsan.org   or stephanie@ndsan.org

Please share! And thanks so much for saying YES!! , Esther


Family needed immediately for a baby boy due next week


UPDATE: 5/24/16 …Three very special families were presented to the birth family yesterday!! Sara thanks all of you for sharing and responding. But right now, this situation is CLOSED as the family reviews the qualified families!! So exciting! This little one will have a family right from the start!! Please pray for this little one as he is born and has surgery this week.


Special Angels Adoption needs a family right now for a baby boy that is due next week!! This little guy is prenatally diagnosed with myeloschisis spina bifida and hydrocephalus. After birth, it is expected that he will need surgery right away. This little guy will need a special family willing to make sure he gets the therapy he needs to reach his fullest potential.

DSCN7908 (2)


Looking for:

a homestudy ready family with current clearances.  Your homestudy must be easily obtainable or in a format that can be overnighted, emailed or faxed as it must be received by Special Angels by MONDAY, May 23, 2016. The placing family has no preference for any particular family type or size. The birth family wants a family that will agree to an OPEN adoption. The family must sign a non-disclosure agreement with the placing agency.

Fees: approximately  $10,000, including everything except post placements and finalization. The placing agency will work with the adopting family to get adoption subsidies to help with his long term medical needs.

If this little guy sounds like your special angel, and you HAVE a CURRENT homestudy; contact



As always, if this is not your baby, please share and pray so this little one can have a family right from the start. If you think this is YOUR baby … please look for information about this particular special need and be SURE… because the worst thing you can do is the birth family pick you and then you decide… well… maybe it is too much for me…. So research and pray and call!!



Four Year old boy in Western US Needs a family

AT Four, most little guys fly by for a fleeting hug and smiles flash over their face as they  slash with their swords… in their ninja turtle outfits…



This little one is a lot more patient with loving… He is chronologically four, but developmentally at a one year old level.  He has a medical condition that makes it difficult for him to thrive. He is beginning to EAT and pinches food between his two fingers like a champ! He interacts, but does not speak!! Sounds like a perfect candidate for ASL!! He has some fine motor skills with his hands, but lacks effective speech.

western US


He is located in the WESTERN part of the US. Marian has had a few families respond, but “they all go away” this little one will be a life long commitment ( what child is not? ) . I know there is a family that will love and cherish and teach him!!

The fees:$ 3500 for the agency + the attorney fees of $ 3000.

If your heart is saying…Oh yes!! I need to know more!! And you have a current homestudy with current clearances…

contact marian@loveandhopeadoptions.org

If he is a great fit for your family… contact MARIAN!! If not, please PRAY and SHARE that he finds his family Today!

Love to all of you, Esther

She wanted a home for Christmas, But Santa did not Deliver

She wanted a Home for Christmas, but Santa did not deliver


In a Southeastern state, there is an eleven year old girl who, through no fault of her own, has been passed around from family member to family member… Her birth mother has decided it is enough and she really wants a more stable home for her daughter. Her birth mother has been diagnosed as bipolar/depressive.


 This little one has older siblings and it is thought the best family would have no children younger than her. She really needs an experienced parent or parents to love her and give her the structure she so badly needs. Her momma said she has always had trouble bonding with her little girl from the time she was born… her momma admits that they are a dysfunctional family and wants more for her daughter. This little one has been diagnosed with autism, but is very high functioning and the autism is mild; she does take two medications to help with some of the symptoms from this diagnosis.

th[7] (2)


The agency met with the little girl and she is excited to have a stable home. In the past, she really loved a beagle that they had for a time and wishes to have pets!! She plays outside. She loves the color purple!! She wants to have a basketball hoop in her new home. She wants to learn gymnastics and how to ride a horse…

There is so much more to tell about this very charming, smart, and curious little girl!!



If you are interested in adopting this little one who needs a family IMMEDIATELY and moved to a permanent home ASAP and have a current homestudy and can send it along with a profile ; please contact me at swissprimel@verizon.net and I will forward your email to the placing agency…

Fees are $10,000 for all agency fees. Attorney fees are extra.

THIS IS NOT A GUARDIANSHIP situation; so please do not reply if that is the only kind of situation you are considering; that just would not be fair to this little girl who needs something more…

IF she is NOT your little girl, please, please pray she finds her family today.


Little 6 year old boy in the Southeastern US

Maybe you are the family that will see the light from this little boy’s smile….


A little boy is six years old and has “a smile that lights up the room.” He communicates the best way he can but cannot talk or walk. He has moderate to severe cerebral palsy. He would really benefit from consistent therapy.

He does not yet attend school and his family is taking care of him without nursing staff.

He is African American and in the south eastern part of the US.

This placement can occur with an agency. Their fee of $8000 includes termination of birth parent rights and icpc (not finalization). Or you could use a private attorney or agency of your choosing.

Due to the urgent nature of this situation, you must have a current homestudy to be considered!!

If you would like more information about this precious little boy,;

please email sara at sara@specialangelsadoption.org


If he is NOT your child, please share so he can find a very special family that will cherish and love him forever!!


Immediately needed family for baby boy in CA

Update: 7/2/15 six families applied and ONE lucky family was chosen 🙂
So this Special Angel has a family!!


Special Angels Adoption urgently needs a homestudy ready family that would love and cherish a little baby boy with special needs in the state of CA .


This little one is already born and will be released from the hospital next week. He needs a family that will love him no matter the challenges . Due to the urgent nature of this situation, only families with a completed homestudy can be considered. 

The fees for this adoption should be under $10,000
If you are homestudy ready and want more information, please contact




If this is not your baby, please share!!


Needed Families open to Down syndrome Diagnosis

UPDATE: 2/5/15 Stephanie said she has had 25 inquiries and sent out 7 registration forms to those that are homestudy ready!! That is exciting news 🙂 Thank you all for sharing and responding…If you have not responded yet and want to, just bookmark the blog post so you can find it again when you are READY!!

Down syndrome…

Every time I post a situation about a child or unborn baby with Down syndrome…my stats EXPLODE…The blog is shared tens of thousands of times;



The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN)

Does NOT have families in every state!!


The NDSAN needs home-study ready families in the following states:

Arizona                                             Maine

California                                          Maryland

Colorado                                           Massachusetts

Connecticut                                     Mississippi

District of Columbia                       Montana

Georgia                                             Nevada

Hawaii                                               New Hampshire

Illinois                                                New Jersey

Kentucky                                          North Dakota

Louisiana                                          Oklahoma

Oregon                                              Rhode Island

South Dakota                                  Tennessee

Vermont                                           Washington

That is 26 states where they need registered families!! That means more states are without families than states that have ready families!! And this list does not include the states where only one family is registered. I would love to see a family, at least ONE, for every state listed…WHY NOT??

It costs nothing to register;

you are waiting for that special one

and you will NEVER hear about the child IN YOUR STATE

that needs a family…

unless you register.

We are registered!! It is easy if you have a current home study and are open or even actively seeking a baby or child with Down syndrome.


The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN) has a registry of adoptive families who are home-study ready to adopt, and desire to adopt a child with Down syndrome. They are not an agency, and there are no fees for their services!

Josiah and ME :)

Josiah and ME 🙂


If you have a

  • current, domestic, signed and dated home study that can be used for both public and private adoptions in any state,
  • and you are immediately available to adopt,

why not register with the NDSAN?

When they are told about a child with Down syndrome needing a home in the US, they will do a query in their registry to see what families would best fit the needs of that child. A report is generated and families are contacted.

If your home study is updated and you are immediately available to adopt, email Stephanie Thompson at stephanie@ndsan.org and she will send you a registration form.



For more information on the NDSAN, go to www.ndsan.org, and also visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dsadoption , where they constantly update and share information about children in public custody who need homes (private situations are kept confidential).


The NDSAN helped with the placement of 44 children in 2014,

so contact Stephanie to get on the registry today!






You are overwhelmed and looking for a family

If you reached this blog because you are a Mom or/and a Dad and looking for a home for your special needs little one;

 If your child or children are

  already born or

maybe you just got news from one of your prenatal tests that you are expecting a little one that you love so much but are overwhelmed with the thought of being a mommy or a daddy to a special angel…

First of all, I am so sorry ….

but know, coming to this page was not a mistake. God loves you and loves your baby too. There is a plan and a purpose for their life and what is happening right now in your life. Thank you for looking at adoption as a possible choice for your little one(s).

Let me reassure you…there are families that would feel blessed to be there forever  for your baby or child

no matter the diagnosis.

If this is YOU, contact me at my personal email : swissprimel@verizon.net and I WILL help you find the family that you imagine…

I am not an agency, not a facilitator, not a professional…just a mom, and we will speak mom to mom…

A seven year old African American Nevada Princess

Update: 1/26/15 at 4:00pm Eastern Time… This situation is ON HOLD while they screen the families who have responded! I will let you know as soon as there is another update 🙂 Thank you all so much for caring and sharing!!


This is not a picture of her sorry...Picture is only available to interested families.

This is not a picture of her sorry…Picture is only available to interested families.

There is little girl that is seven. A princess, loving to have her hair fixed pretty; nail polish and the works.

Twirling around with strips of paper, she just needs the music inside of her soul to dance. She needs a new family to help her grow into the lady that is inside of her.

Her momma just moved away from grandma and momma just cannot do it alone.

This little one is African American and diagnosed as mildly autistic. The agency has been looking for a family for a while and asked if I could help. I am praying that God raises up her family and they see this post. So please share it… Here is the information that I have:


  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Fees: $11,000 including everything except finalization
  • Loves dogs
  • Is NOT aggressive or violent!!!
  • Shows her discomfort by withdrawing
  • Is not currently in school (was in school prior to moving)
  • Loves to be hugged
  • Covers her ears with loud noises
  • Not very verbal but can make her wishes known
  • Plays mostly by herself
  • Is toilet trained!!
  • Has three favorite morning TV shows
  • Eats most everything except for milk and carrots
  • Loves to play with paper and learn and play toys for children
  • The birthfather is known but not involved in her life

The birth mother is open to all family types. The agency requires a current home study and profile.

If the description of this little girl touches that yearning part of you; and your heart says,

..”this one, this one I have been waiting for… even though I have never met her or held her”…

and you know you could be her family forever:

contact Jeanna at hopeembracedadoptions@gmail.com


I offer this blog as a service to you. If you feel led, please consider adding to our adoption fund. I spend a lot of time communicating with and sharing the available situations at no cost to you. I want to keep it that way.  We can only work within our state at this time and our agency special needs situations are $16,000 for placement fees. And we had to say no last week…Help us say yes next time…

  • 1/20/15 Donation total: $45.00
  • 1/21/15 Donation total: $95.00
  • 1/23/15 Donation total $195 Thank you so much!
    For our Adoption Fund: