National Down Syndrome Adoption Network has a great need for FAMILIES

I was young once, I was insecure once, I could not breathe once…


We were approved for special needs placements right from the beginning…but you see, in my head I had the view of what child I thought that meant… maybe drug exposed, maybe delayed, maybe diabetic… maybe deaf… but…

The phone rang (this was before cell phones were common) I can remember pacing back and forth as the worker asked if we would consider… a baby in Pittsburgh, born last weekend with Down syndrome… they had one family but they had just had a placement of another baby with Down syndrome not even three months ago and it was their third placement in two years…

My mind absolutely raced… I had not planned for this…my other brain was saying well the mom did not plan for this either… and I was like … I have no idea where to begin, who do I contact for a doctor? What would I do for therapies, would our health insurance cover the baby… and on and on.. Then that calmer brain said, come on you could do this.. And one side of my brain won… We said, No.. I thought someone else might be better who knew how to DO IT!! ¬†Later of course we had the chance again.. and we said YES ūüôā Josiah is so precious to us… so very precious. Do not let fear RULE!!


That decision has haunted me, because, I could have done it! I just did not have confidence in ME… in US!! ¬†I just had no way to contact a tribe!! FB was not a thing, I knew only one person who had a child with DS.

world at your fingertips

Today you all are so very fortunate to have the world at your fingertips, to have advice from parents who are eager to help…raise a child with Down syndrome.


Stephanie Thompson, the director of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network NEEDS families!! If you live in these states, she has NO families in her registry!! If she is contacted by an expectant mom, or a mom who has given birth…or an agency who needs a family for a baby with Down syndrome; she has to show them someone from another state, and sometimes the hospital stays for these little ones are LONG and being in the same state is a PLUS for that and, also, no ICPC and third… subsidy is much easier to apply for!! So can you believe it, these states have NO FAMILIES registered!¬†

Connecticut     Hawaii     Delaware     Illinois     Kansas     Kentucky     Maine     Massachusetts     Michigan     Mississippi   Missouri     Montana     Nebraska     Nevada     New Hampshire          New Mexico        North Carolina     North Dakota     Oklahoma     Oregon     Rhode Island     South Carolina     South Dakota     Washington     Wisconsin     Wyoming


Other states have at least one family, but more are needed, because most families who adopt children with Down syndrome are older ,experienced families; that is not a BAD thing, but sometimes, the expectant families like to see a variety of families!! So if you are on the registry already, Stephanie appreciates each and every one of you!!


There is a SPECIAL need for families who are not gender specific and especially open to infant BOYS whose fees are over $10,000. Although the NDSAN charges NO fees… ZERO for their work… agencies and lawyers DO usually… Those fees, Stephanie cannot control and they can have quite a wide range.


IF you are NOT homestudy ready and wish to find an agency, also contact Stephanie who can give you the list she has of agencies in YOUR state that are experienced in special needs placements!! This is so very important, as special needs placements can be much more time consuming and difficult!

To register as a family open to the placement of

infants or children with Down syndrome:

PLEASE contact, Stephanie Thompson at NDSAN,

there are ZERO fees to register, ZERO fees for their assistance!!   or

Please share! And thanks so much for saying YES!! , Esther



Needed Families open to Down syndrome Diagnosis

UPDATE: 2/5/15 Stephanie said she has had 25 inquiries and sent out 7 registration forms to those that are homestudy ready!! That is exciting news ūüôā Thank you all for sharing and responding…If you have not responded yet and want to, just bookmark the blog post so you can find it again when you are READY!!

Down syndrome…

Every time I post a situation about a child or unborn baby with Down syndrome…my stats EXPLODE…The blog is shared tens of thousands of times;



The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN)

Does NOT have families in every state!!


The NDSAN needs home-study ready families in the following states:

Arizona                                             Maine

California                                          Maryland

Colorado                                           Massachusetts

Connecticut                                     Mississippi

District of Columbia                       Montana

Georgia                                             Nevada

Hawaii                                               New Hampshire

Illinois                                                New Jersey

Kentucky                                          North Dakota

Louisiana                                          Oklahoma

Oregon                                              Rhode Island

South Dakota                                  Tennessee

Vermont                                           Washington

That is 26 states where they need registered families!! That means more states are without families than states that have ready families!! And this list does not include the states where only one family is registered. I would love to see a family, at least ONE, for every state listed…WHY NOT??

It costs nothing to register;

you are waiting for that special one

and you will NEVER hear about the child IN YOUR STATE

that needs a family…

unless you register.

We are registered!! It is easy if you have a current home study and are open or even actively seeking a baby or child with Down syndrome.


The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN) has a registry of adoptive families who are home-study ready to adopt, and desire to adopt a child with Down syndrome. They are not an agency, and there are no fees for their services!

Josiah and ME :)

Josiah and ME ūüôā


If you have a

  • current, domestic, signed and dated home study that can be used for both public and private adoptions in any state,
  • and you are immediately available to adopt,

why not register with the NDSAN?

When they are told about a child with Down syndrome needing a home in the US, they will do a query in their registry to see what families would best fit the needs of that child. A report is generated and families are contacted.

If your home study is updated and you are immediately available to adopt, email Stephanie Thompson at and she will send you a registration form.



For more information on the NDSAN, go to, and also visit their Facebook page at , where they constantly update and share information about children in public custody who need homes (private situations are kept confidential).


The NDSAN helped with the placement of 44 children in 2014,

so contact Stephanie to get on the registry today!





You are overwhelmed and looking for a family

If you reached this blog because you are a Mom or/and a Dad and looking for a home for your special needs little one;

 If your child or children are

  already born or

maybe you just got news from one of your prenatal tests that you are expecting a little one that you love so much but are overwhelmed with the thought of being a mommy or a daddy to a special angel…

First of all, I am so sorry ….

but know, coming to this page was not a mistake. God loves you and loves your baby too. There is a plan and a purpose for their life and what is happening right now in your life. Thank you for looking at adoption as a possible choice for your little one(s).

Let me reassure you…there are families that would¬†feel¬†blessed¬†to¬†be there¬†forever¬† for your baby or child

no matter the diagnosis.

If this is YOU, contact me at my personal email : and I WILL help you find the family that you imagine…

I am not an agency, not a facilitator, not a professional…just a mom, and we will speak mom to mom…

Still he waits

So many people are drawn to children with Down syndrome.¬†There¬†is just something about their stubbornness, their tenacity, their spirit that keeps fighting the odds, their even keel personalities… so unique each one, and the Love they return to us is unmeasurable…

Stefko still waits.¬† If you are frustrated with not being picked… the high cost of adoption…knowing God is calling you to adopt but there are just so many nos … The foster system is beyond slow… you are ready but where is your child?? Stefko still waits. Every child needs a family…


You have been waiting a long time and so has he…He does not need a perfect family, he just needs A Family that loves him. In your heart, can you honestly tell him No? All that you need is a current homestudy and a desire to be his family. Contact Spence Chapin:

If you feel that your family could be the family for Sefko please complete our ASAP pre-application form and forward us your current, up to date, home study.  If we have a current, up to date, home study on file for you, please email us regarding your interest in this amazing boy.  We can be reached by email at, fax at (888) 742-6126, or mail can be sent to ASAP at Spence-Chapin, 410 East 92nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10128.

There are NO fees for his adoption: read his full information here on this blog post…

How long must he wait? If he is not your child, or you are not yet homestudy ready; please share this post… New York is not that far away…



Stefko in NY with Down Syndrome

 This little boy is so handsome, This is NOT a foster care placement.

He can be placed in ANY state and His placement fees are $0 ; but the family would be responsible for post-placement and finalization of his adoption… First of all HERE HE IS ūüôā


Now doesn’t he make you smile!! He is very kind to other children and could be placed in a home with younger siblings.

He is listed with Spence Chapin¬† and with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network…but they need families to make a choice!!

Here is the link for him at Spence Chapin:

Here is the description listed for Stefko:

We are looking for an adoptive family for Stefko, an adorable boy who just turned 9 in November. Stefko was born in Bulgaria and moved to New York about 2 years ago.  He is currently being cared for by his mother, who cares for him deeply but unfortunately is unable to continue parenting him due to his social needs and the lack of support and resources in her community.  Stefko is a very sweet and lovable boy, which a playful and smiling nature.  He is very curious and will explore everything in his surrounding environment. He will need a strong and resourceful family to help him deal with the challenges he will face in his daily life.


Stefko has a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), with hypothyroidism, for which he takes synthroid daily, but other than that is currently overall healthy.  He wears glasses for his poor vision and foot orthotics for ankle stability. For the most part, Stefko is nonverbal. He is able to say some basic words and also knows some basic sign language, but usually needs to be prompted to use it.  He has recently begun to use a speech device at school and now appears to understand the concept of yes and no.  Stefko has difficulty retaining new information and sometimes appears to have little patience due to his lack of understanding and communication skills, causing him to occasionally tantrum to express himself or have his needs met.  He currently requires ongoing supervision.


Stefko loves horseplay, playing in water or with bubbles, and playing on the playground, especially on the monkey bars.  He likes to go for walks around the neighborhood and loves dogs.  He likes to dance, doing arts and crafts, and really enjoys playing with toys and books that make sounds and/or light up.  He is intrigued by people doing any type of woodworking, such as using a hammer, tape measure, etc., and is always ready to help with these activities.  Stefko currently loves pointing at specific things and having you tell him what they are.


Stefko is in an 8:1:2 class at school which means 8 students, 1 teacher and 2 paraprofessionals. He receives occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy within his school.  He also goes to art therapy outside of school 2 times a month. Stefko recently started writing his name after much practice at school and has also knows all the colors and can sign them. According to his teachers, Stefko can follow directions, comply with rules and understands a lot, but can sometimes be difficult in terms of behavior. For instance, if they are putting something up on the Smartboard and it is not what he likes, or if it takes longer than expected for a program to open, he may tantrum.  He is currently being taught waiting and taking turn games and activities, which appear to be helping him learn.  Stefko loves technology, especially IPads, and loves to watch interactive songs, dances, etc., so much so that he sometimes has difficult separating himself from those activities when it is time to finish.


His mother is making an adoption plan because although she loves him dearly she is not able to meet his current and anticipated needs.  She is seeking an adoptive family interested in having an open adoption, which would include exchanging letters with updates and pictures, and the possibility of a yearly visit.  Families from any state in the U.S. will be considered.


Prospective adoptive families must research Down syndrome, consult with their pediatrician regarding what is currently known about this diagnosis, and reach out to their community to see what resources are currently available, such as early interventions, specialized schools and other therapies.  Although Stefko is currently medically stable, he will face varied and unpredictable challenges in the future and therefore families must be prepared and have the support systems and resources needed for him.  It would be of critical value for the adoptive family to have experience adopting older children and parenting children with disabilities.

Please note that the information included here is all that is available to be shared with families at this time.  More information will be made available to the prospective families who are selected by Stefko’s mother.

If you feel that your family could be the family for Sefko please complete our ASAP pre-application form and forward us your current, up to date, home study.  If we have a current, up to date, home study on file for you, please email us regarding your interest in this amazing boy.  We can be reached by email at, fax at (888) 742-6126, or mail can be sent to ASAP at Spence-Chapin, 410 East 92nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10128.

If Stefko is not a child that suits your family…please share so he can find his forever home…He needs that special family and I know it exists…we just have to find it!!

Keep up now … Sam who is 7 with Down syndrome

This situation was taken from the CHASK website. CHASK stands for : Christian Homes and Special Kids

Sam needs a loving Christian home


‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ is a seven-year-old internationally adopted boy with Down Syndrome. He was adopted four years ago from Eastern Europe¬†along with several other children who also have special needs. ‚ÄúSam‚Äôs‚ÄĚ treatment at the orphanage left him tiny, frail and weak, along with significant sensory/attachment issues. Although ‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ has made tremendous progress since coming home, he continues to struggle with behaviors and attachment.

His behaviors are especially upsetting to his adoptive and younger siblings, and with a newborn on the way, the family feels ‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ would do best in a family with no children under the age of three. ‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ enjoys interacting with older children and adults and does so much more appropriately, although he still requires redirection and firm boundaries. The family believes that in the right environment and with lots of one-on-one, many of ‚ÄúSam‚Äôs‚ÄĚ behaviors can be addressed.


‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ is currently homeschooled and he is on a gluten-free diet. ‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ is non-verbal and will only use sign language when prompted. He is not potty trained, although he will occasionally initiate sitting on the potty and use it appropriately. ‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ enjoys feeding himself, putting his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and trying to dress himself (he requires lots of assistance). He loves music, toys with lights, and playing in water. He can be very affectionate and sweet, especially with adults, but must be constantly monitored with younger children.


The family would love to find a ‚Äúforever‚ÄĚ home for ‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ with no younger children (under the age of three), experience with orphanage/attachment behaviors, and the ability to give him the one on one attention he needs.¬†While ideally the family would like to find a smaller family for ‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ, they understand that usually adoptive families tend to be big. They¬†definitely prefer a family with older kids and will absolutely not consider any families with children under the age of three.


‚ÄúSam‚Äôs‚ÄĚ family would also like to stay in contact with the new family. Visits aren‚Äôt necessary, but they would like to know how he‚Äôs doing with occasional updates and pictures. He‚Äôs been a very important part of this family & their lives for four years.¬† The state of residence for inquiring families is not important. The family‚Äôs major emphasis is on finding the right family for ‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ, wherever they might be.¬†Married Christian couples only.¬†The family would consider either a homeschooling family or a family integrated into the system. The big priority is that they are knowledgeable about post-institutional/orphanage behaviors and attachment issues. Biting, pinching, ¬†screaming, pushing, laughing when others get hurt, and throw downs are all behaviors that a family needs to be aware of when considering ‚ÄúSam‚ÄĚ. ¬†Current home study and references will be required. ¬†Please contact¬†¬†for additional information.

that is g underscore sam68 at

And I missed three days so two more situations will be posted shortly for a post a day on national adoption month!! Keep up now ! I hope Sam’s family will find him very soon!


Baby girl in OH with Down Syndrome

Update 10/28/14 5:45 pm eastern time…A family has been found!!

DSCN1010UPDATE 10/28/14 at 3:13 pm…only one potential family has contacted Sara. Their homestudy information has not been verified yet.

Oh my gosh…someone is going to be very, VERY blessed!!

Has a situation that she is networking for and has no families.


This little one was born in the state of OH on Saturday.

She has Down Syndrome.

She is a GIRL J She has no heart issues, that are known or have been observed,(of course more extensive testing may need to be done). She had good APGARS.

She is Caucasian.

The adopting family MUST be from OH.

The agency fees are $13,000.00.

The family needs to be able to travel immediately and of course needs a current homestudy.

The birth family is looking for an adoptive family with three or less children.


They do not want a family with dogs, but might consider a family with only one dog.


I cannot even begin to express to you what a blessing our youngest little one with Down Syndrome is to us. I know there is a family just waiting for this precious little girl. Please do not hesitate to contact Sara ; if you live on OH and have a current homestudy. If this is not your baby, PLEASE SHARE so she can bond with her family Right from the start!!


Due in June

You can tell a lot about the agency in the way they work to find homes for their most vulnerable.

I spoke to Inna Pecar, director of KidsFirst Adoption today and found a kindred spirit.

She has a heart for the orphan and especially the special needs orphans who wait.


AT this time, their agency has a need for a married family that is homestudy ready for a special one that is due in June.

This little guy, through screening, has been found to have a cleft lip and palate and Down syndrome.

He will be born in Indiana to a birth momma who has a lot of love for her little pumpkin and wants the right family for him. So, you will need to travel to Indiana when the baby is born.


Please do not apply if you are not prepared for the unknowns that are associated with the diagnosis of Down syndrome. Because even though the doctors are doing their job, sometimes things just are not evident until the time of birth. You must be prepared to make a commitment to the unknowns before you say YES to him…please know if you are not ready to make this commitment, there are others who are and he WILL have a family.


I know many of you who read this blog have adopted, are adopting or are interested in adoption.

But, once again, if you are not homestudy ready do not clog up the agency’s phone lines trying to talk to them.


The family needed:to recap:

+ Married

+ Open to unknowns and willing to commit to this precious baby

+ And definitely completed and ready homestudy, current or updated as of today.


If this describes your family, contact Inna Pecar or her staff at KidsFirst Adoption Services at 317-843-2300


Inna wished for me to let you all know, if you are interested in children with Down syndrome, she has many in Bulgaria waiting for their families   Right now she is waiting to match a little girl two years old with Down syndrome. This country is easy to adopt from she told me and you can begin the process even prior to a completed homestudy

Along with working in Bulgaria their agency also places children from the Ukraine, where many children are right now waiting for a family. There are healthy children and older sibling groups that need you. She assured me, that adoptions are continuing there without interruption.

So if this is of interest to you, please contact KidsFirst Adoption Services at  317-843-2300 and be sure to like their facebook page

Pennsylvania Families only: Urgent


Update: 4/15/14 The birthmomma has taken three profiles home to decide between those families. So no additional profiles are needed.

Updated again : 12:24 pm Eastern Time  4/14/14

UPDATED INFORMATION ON REQUIREMENTS: 4/14/14 at 12:01 pm Eastern Time


I must admit, for this little one, I feel a bit selfish

I thought, maybe it is our next child, but I don’t want to force God’s hand‚Ķ


Please only contact the agency if :


You are home study ready from ANY STATE…And you have less than three children:

If you do not fit this profile, please do not contact the agency,

it just wastes the worker’s time!!


We want to find the BEST family for this precious little boy

He was born the end of March of this year.

He was born in PA and is still in the hospital, because, he rocks the extra chromosome!!

He has mosaic Down syndrome.

He will be released THIS WEEK!!

His momma chose life!! That is the best news,

but due to her addictions, he was exposed to things he should not have been…but she chose LIFE!!

She is Hep C positive and although her levels are low, he does have a risk of contracting that.

Please do your homework on Hep C.

This little guy is half Caucasian. Since he is born in PA, there is a thirty day period for birthmother to change her mind. The unknown birthfather will be advertised in order for termination of his rights.

March April 2013 043

+IF you are Home study READY right now READY not in a week or two… or have a question about it…


+IF you have less than three children…



If Both are true:

Contact: Maggie at haven adoptions dot com

That is Maggie (at) haven adoptions (dot) com

Oh my goodness…someone is going to be very blessed!!!!

Still He waits: Canadian Families Only

Baby L

Handsome little one, waiting..

We have written, you have shared, but still he waits:

Oh my heart!! Do you see his eyes? and his wrinkly forehead? His dark, dark eyes…He is alert…waiting and looking for his family.

If this is your family:

Canadian, up to date home study and immediately ready to adopt



Married at least 5 years

Financially Stable

Then this might be your son:

3 months old


with Down syndrome

living in Southwest Ontario

baby 721


¬†He has a family, it just has not been found… !!

Lets share and help him find it!!

I wish,¬†today, he would be no longer an orphan. It matters if you share, it matters if you care… IT matters to this one.

Please, if you are seriously interested and meet the qualifications for this situation, contact:

Stephanie Thompson from Down Syndrome Adoption Network at



“Starfish poem”

Once upon a time there was a wise man

who used to go to the ocean to do his

writing. He had a habit of walking on the

beach before he began his work.

One day he was walking along the shore.

As he looked down the beach, he saw a

human figure moving like a dancer. He

smiled to himself to think of someone

who would dance to the day.

So he began to walk faster to catch up.

As he got closer, he saw that it was a

young man and the young man wasn’t

dancing, but instead he was reaching

down to the shore, picking up something

and very gently throwing it into the ocean.

As he got closer he called out, “Good

morning! What are you doing?”

The young man paused, looked up and replied,

“Throwing starfish in the ocean.”

“I guess I should have asked, why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?”

“The sun is up and the tide is going out. And if I don’t throw them in they’ll die.”

“But, young man, don’t you realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it. You can’t

possibly make a difference!”

The young man listened politely. Then bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it

into the ocean, past the breaking waves and said – “It made a difference for that one.”