How to Catch a Leprechaun

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How to catch a leprechaun, By Mazie

You tie him in the bathroom to the bathtub.


You get a trap. Go upstairs. Go to your room. Leprechauns will take my bunny because he gets the gold.


The gold is under the couch and he takes my bunny so he can sleep.


A leprechaun is tiny and his hair sticks in the air. His shoe has a buckle and his hat is shaped like a square. He is a smiling leprechaun with a circle face,  floppy ears and tiny knees with stripes.

He slides down a rainbow and open the iPad in my desk then runs faster and jumps in the sixteen coins.

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Update on baby boy…still considering families…new information!


Children’s Connection, INC has provided this update. If you wish to be considered, please also read this blog post from a few days ago:

Here is an update on the special needs baby. His name is Wyatt. “We have a baby diagnosed with microcephaly who is in need of a family. It‚Äôs been a rough couple of days. At one point we even had a doctor tell us that this baby boy might not survive. After his MRI yesterday which was abnormal of course, the doctor reported that his was one of the most complex cases this doctor has ever seen. Yesterday he was still on g-tube feedings and the physical therapist said that trying to feed him had not worked well and caused him distress. She thought it would be Monday before they would even attempt bottle feeding again. This morning when his adoption specialist arrived at the hospital, this baby boy was doing remarkably better!! All his IVs are out, he‚Äôs breathing room air and being feed with a bottle. She said he definitely has the capacity to let everyone know when he‚Äôs hungry! Now we just need a family!! Baby’s echocardiogram and abdominal scan are reported to be normal. We’ve been told that discharge probably won’t happen for 2 weeks due to him needing to be able to take regular full feedings each day. The hospital staff anticipate needing to watch him and make sure he is “feeding and growing” for about 10-14 days, but of course, this can change. Due to his current legal limbo with no adoptive family, we aren‚Äôt able to receive any written medical records for this boy. However medical information can be provided to this baby‚Äôs adoption specialist and she can prepare a written report. She will be attending his team meeting on Monday so she can receive the most up-to-date info. The neurologist will be able to give us more information on Monday, including information on life expectancy, since the pediatric neurologists are the ones who have researched and followed similar cases. We plan to share this information with all approved interested families as soon as possible. After that, families will give their final decision on if they wish to be considered. We are wishing for a miracle family for this little boy!!! After a family is selected, we‚Äôll arrange a video call with baby and his medical team. Following that the adoptive parents will need to travel to the hospital right away. We‚Äôre hoping that if all goes well, these events will all happen within 2-3 work days. Thanks so much to those of you who have shared this baby‚Äôs info with others. Please continue to do so. Giving him a family will make all the difference in his life!” Thank you for sharing this!

¬†If you are interested: contact Children’s Connection, INC. This special needs adoption will qualify for reduced fees.

‚Äď 806-745-7995

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Urgently needed Special Home for a special newborn!

I was given permission to share…

But I was asked that you…

please please do NOT respond if you do not have a current homestudy and profile…

Only respond if you have full intentions of accepting the placement regardless of additional health information¬†that might be uncovered…

Only respond if you are ready to travel immediately

 From Adoption Connections, INC.

We have a newborn baby who has serious issues and who desperately needs an adoptive family who can accept and care for him.

Baby: ¬Ĺ Anglo, ¬Ĺ African American, boy, born yesterday, March 8th
Risk Factors: Mom reports no alcohol or illegal drug use, smoked 2 cigarettes daily during pregnancy, no mental health issues; even so baby has serious special needs.

Mom learned that she was pregnant a month ago. She already has a boy, age 2, and is in school. She felt that she couldn’t handle a baby so planned to call an adoption agency after she arrived at the hospital. She wants a closed adoption for now and requested that she have no contact with the baby to prepare her for relinquishing. This morning, mom was told that her baby has microcephaly.
Microcephaly is a condition where the head circumference is smaller than normal because the brain has not developed properly or has stopped growing. Microcephaly can be present at birth or it may develop in the first few years of life. Signs and symptoms of microcephaly may include a smaller than normal head circumference that usually remains smaller than normal as the child grows, dwarfism, short stature, delayed motor and speech functions, mental retardation, seizures, facial distortions, hyperactivity, balance and coordination problems, and other brain-related or neurological problems; although some with this disorder may develop normal intelligence.

Depending on the severity of the accompanying syndrome, children with microcephaly may have impaired cognitive abilities. Some children with microcephaly will have normal intelligence and a head that will grow bigger, but they will track below the normal growth curves for head circumference.

There is no treatment for microcephaly that can return a child’s head to a normal size or shape. Treatment focuses on ways to decrease the impact of the associated deformities and neurological disabilities. Children with microcephaly and developmental delays are usually evaluated by a pediatric neurologist. Early childhood intervention programs that involve physical, speech, and occupational therapists help to maximize abilities and minimize dysfunction. Medications are often used to control seizures, hyperactivity, and neuromuscular symptoms. Some children will only have mild disability. Others, especially if they are growing and developing normally, will have normal intelligence and continue to develop and meet regular age-appropriate milestones.

The hospital where the mom delivered does not have adequate testing equipment to evaluate this baby’s condition. They have called in a pediatric neurologist. The hospital is keeping us up to date as they get more information. We don’t know how long this will take and it’s possible he will be transferred to another hospital.
We’re looking for a special adoptive family for this little boy. The full extent of his abilities will likely not be known by the time placement occurs.

This special needs adoption will qualify for reduced fees. Please contact our office if you can help in any way – 806-745-7995.

Please share this post so this baby boy can get the help he needs.

My contribution to the family is my small business… I would love to have you join my VIP group if you are a fan of LuLaRoe. Thanks!

Daddy don’t you walk so fast

All those years, I trailed behind…first my legs were not nearly as long…and i did not have his stamina. He always adjusted his stride to mine and didn’t complain…He just would joke how I walked like an old lady…Then I was pregnant, and toddled like a penguin….and he went even slower….Then I had toddlers hanging on me, was pregnant and went backward more than forwards, and he carried my bags and tugged a child’s arm so we would move in a forward direction. Then, I hurt my back, multiple herniated vertebral discs ¬†and had sciatica like fire…and he would carry the kids and tug them along so they would not put me off balance, so I would not fall…and walk ahead of me so I would not feel pushed…

Today he said, honey, why don’t’ you walk down to the beach and spend some time alone there with God. He could hardly walk on the sand, he could hardly breathe as we walked on the empty boardwalk …. I will wait for you here… And i cried… No one tells you how to do this…no one. There is no right or wrong way to do this, no one can do it for you… This week they will add a new chemo drug to his current regimen because he has plateaued . Pray for us.


URGENT needed East Coast Family

We are looking for a homestudy ready family for a 6 week old baby girl who suffered a traumatic birth and has been diagnosed with HEI (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy). Her future is so unknown. We need to have a family in a East Coast state by Monday. We just started working with the hospital but the baby is ready to be released. She does have a feeding tube. ONLY homestudy ready families email for more information.

10492276_302967853217775_1916457839366216664_n[1]OH my heart I KNOW There is SOMEONE!!


I asked for TIME, God granted my request

When Ray was first diagnosed,¬† I knew that I knew …because God let me know, this was Not going to be easy. He was not going to be one that had a treatment that worked, got a Stem Cell Transplant and go into remission for a long time… Lots of patients with multiple myeloma do that, but God prepared me that that was not going to be Ray’s path. Here we are almost two years after diagnosis, never out of treatment, never in remission… BUT … BUT… This last treatment Has WORKED in a way that none of the others have!!


Fourteen months ago, he had a bone marrow biopsy that showed he had 75% of his marrow was cancerous…75% of the cells.¬†¬†His marrow was making mostly cancerous plasma cells…but that was down from the 95% at diagnosis…so on he continued…The immunotherapy they put him on in March alerts his body to attack the cancer cells by marking them so the body recognizes the cancer as foreign. The problem with this treatment is that the blood results do not give the full picture anymore and the cancer is hard to measure from bloodwork alone. Ray had gotten to the point where they could not tell what his numbers really were, he was having a lot of pain and general exhaustion so they scheduled a bone marrow biopsy… and….and 15% we are at 15%!!!


15% it should be 0% for remission but 95% to 75% to 15%!!!¬† YAY… he did lose function of his thyroid somewhere along this chemo journey, and he is coming to grips with the fact even though the cancer load is lower, he may always have the pain from damage…but 15%!! whoo hoo!! Praise God~~ we have MORE TIME!!


Small family NEEDED for a baby girl due with Spina Bifida


Special Angels Adoption is looking for a homestudy ready family for a baby girl who will be born in January with spina bifida. The birth family is looking for a family with 0-2 children. Bi-racial family is preferred but not required. NO additional information will be shared on the public page. If you are homestudy and would like more information please contact .


Times of stability

I remember those days…Times of stability… Times of one day the same as the next… I think those days are gone. It sure is a way to shake you out, shake your junk outside of your mind and expose¬†it for all to see… And during that process, things can be messy. Downright messy.


Fear, the one thing that came out first was fear: I was afraid for the present, afraid for the future, afraid for my children, afraid for Ray but mostly if I were honest …Afraid for ME… Afraid for ME. Nothing altruistic in that, just lots of fear…and not all of it was shown in ways that were loving and kind… I pushed people away that I should not have just because they triggered fear in me… I clung to people not ready for it because I was afraid… and I felt so very isolated. No amount of scripture, no amount of people talking helped… and prayers, I will get to that.

Fear still comes to visit but it doesn’t stay.



Next came anger… I was angry. Angry mostly at God, look at this, I thought you would take care of us. I thought that since we obeyed and did what you asked all of our lives that you would let us live a full and happy life… Man did I buy into that prosperity Gospel. But I didn’t even know it. Underneath all of that anger was FEAR…yea back to that word again.

All I can say is that as time passes and God just waits for me… my temper tantrum and fears are subsiding…and I can see…God is still there, He has always been there and He waits. And he waits. What a patient God.


Now an update on Ray… after his hospitalization in September, he has been stable. The length of his sickness has been very discouraging in itself. He can no longer do the things he once did and is more dependent on others. We had a new calf and, of course, the momma needed milked. All was fine, until it wasn’t … there was a day he could just not milk that cow, no matter how much he wanted to, he just could not have the energy. He has lost height, his appearance has changed to the point that he saw someone he knew very well at a store and they did not recognize him. His PICC line is not working out. His dressings keep breaking down his skin; he keeps getting open sores from them and probably this week it will be either changed to a port or just completely pulled to prevent an infection.

Pray for a great decision about that. He hurts ALL the TIME. All the TIME and that is making him very exhausted.


When he was hospitalized in September and the tire shop is still struggling. Benjamin could not, as usual,¬†get on the bus without a major operation, everything done in order his way…major anxiety¬† about everything to do with school. The girls were just not getting along …I looked around and knew, I can never “go to work” I have to work from home and I need to find something I think I can do…. I signed up to be a consultant for LuLaRoe. It is very time consuming. I love the clothes and if you buy them anyway, think about joining my VIP group. LuLaRoe Brownswissmomma on FB. ¬†¬†If not honestly, don’t feel like you need to.


Just trying to figure it all out and working now with the knowledge that things will never be the same again. And just trying to be ok with that.


God bless you all Mightily

img_5560The post traumatic days go by…My mind is fuzzy, my motions are in slow motion…I can’t seem to organize even one thought in my brain… This is what happened…


The last I wrote, Ray was hospitalized with pneumonia. Later tests also found he had sepsis. I was at home with the kids when I got a phone call from the doctor, due to the noise of the wrestling kids I only got spurts of sentences…”he …episode…blood clot…icu…” Ok I have no idea what was in the middle of all that and honestly, Josiah has gotten into pinching really hard and he had Eli pinned to the ground in a death pinch on his face and was threatening to bite him too…so… I said thank you. Because honestly, it did not matter what I missed, I knew I had to get to the hospital. I called Micah at work ( we are so fortunate to own a small business where the boys work). He came home and I left in my Lularoe piggy leggings just because they make Ray smile. When I got in the room, they had Ray on a bipap machine to help him breathe… The pigs did make him smile ūüôā ¬†The nurse said that he had an episode of low blood pressure, high heart rate and¬† inability to breathe. It scared them. They called the ICU up for a consult to make sure there was nothing more that needed done. They were going to intubate him and asked if he had an advance directive. He said no…and “I have a three year old.” So they prepared to move him to ICU but the floor nurses with the ICU doctor were able to stabilize him there with the bipap. The two theories were: a blood clot (primary care doc thought this, but he is on continuous thinners) or septic shock (ICU doc thought that was what happened).

img_5557 My sisters had a few days of talking me out of a panic attack…and praying for me…as all of you did too; most not knowing the extent of what was happening. Please, if we ever come to mind: pray…God sure knows and he prompts prayer from those he knows will be faithful to his nudge…

We are so fortunate to have Ray back home with us again.

After release from the hospital, they wanted to remove all sources of infection. He has had a new pic line placed…and he had 23 teeth pulled. yeah ouch…major¬†ouchie (without being put to sleep too) So he has been on a liquid or¬†processed in a blender diet. He will get new teeth hopefully by the holidays ūüôā

He missed¬†chemotherapy due to being sick and had not had a treatment for a month. And we were anxious about what his multiple myeloma was doing…but PRAISE God with his bloodwork from this week…his cancer numbers have NOT risen!! Praise God!!


Meanwhile…God somehow has provided money to¬†keep our bills mostly paid for home and the business… and I just am amazed that somehow, someway, through the loyal customers, through the fleet customers that are so forgiving when Ray is forgetful…every week we have just a little bit of money to go another day and keep the doors open.¬†We thank God every day for our friends and family that keep us afloat…May God bless you mightily.


Multiple situations of Children not in foster care, aged 4-11 in the US that need families!

As babies are being placed, desired, and sought with special needs, children that are a little older wait…and wait…and wait. Lots of families want to adopt…infants…. But doesn’t EVERY child need a family?? I know some families do not feel equipped to jump right in there and bond with little people that are already partially formed, partially grown… but just read and consider these situations anyway!! Pray for them, pray for their families to find them…and pray and just see if your heart is drawn to any of them…who knows… just maybe one of these situations¬†is YOURS!!

10492276_302967853217775_1916457839366216664_n[1]These situations are all through Special Angels Adoptions…either directly or they are the mediatory agent between the adopting parents and the placing agency… There is NO fee to be presented or to be on Special Angels’ registry of families.

The Pacific Western States:

Image result for image pacific states

  • 1. A four year old Boy that has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and septo-optic dysplasia that is not as severe as the doctors expected. This little guy has a feeding tube because of reflux and currently does not take any food by mouth. He has been scooting ūüėÄ and may soon walk even though he has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy! He is stable medically and has no current issues with the ventricular shunt. He is Happy and loves to babble!! and is a redhead !! He currently is on medication to control seizures. He is developmentally delayed. This momma wants an OPEN adoption.¬† Mom is looking for a family that is traditional, ¬†married with 1-4 children, but will consider other families that can show her how they will be able to meet this little guy’s needs.

    Fees for this situation: if Special Angels Adoption, an agency, is needed for application for subsidies, $8,300.

    However, if you do not want Special Angels Adoptions to be involved and you want to get subsidies on your own, or don’t need them;¬†Special Angels will step out and you can do your own adoption attorney to attorney!



  • 2. A birth father, who has sole custody, is seeking to place his eight year old ¬†son who has Septo-optic dysplasia. He cannot see shadows and has no vision at all. He has light sandy hair and green/brown eyes. He uses a small white cane and can communicate using basic ASL. He takes medication for a growth deficiency and is small in size. He has some developmental delays. He has really started to do a lot of new things and is making progress!! He can eat and go potty by himself. This guy loves jazz, classical and R&B music. He loves being read to and is starting to learn Braille. He loves water and wants to learn how to swim.

    Fees for this situation are $5000 not including finalization in your state.


  • South Central States

  • Image result for south central states



  • 3. A family is sought for a little six year old boy. He is seven years old and he is described by his family as precious, funny, sweet and can be caring. He loves to be a helper and needs to be affirmed after he does something good. He loves to swim, ride bikes and play with friends. He really, really loves furry friends…so a family with a fur baby would be perfect. He is in a special program at school, he has been hospitalized for psychological help. He needs to be the baby of the family. Transitions are hard for him. He¬†¬† has strabismus in his eyes and wears glasses. A family with no younger children that can maintain a calm, controlled environment . He would benefit from a stay at home parent that has 6-9 months to dedicate to him to help him adjust. An open adoption is being sought.

    Fees: $8,300 through Special Angels Adoption, however if an agency is not desired and you will apply for subsidies on your own, SAA will step out and you can hire an attorney on your own.



  • 4. A grandma, who has custody, is seeking to place her 8 year old girl. Grandma is getting older and is not in good health. Consents can readily be signed. This little girl has Atatic cerebral palsy, significant cognitive delays and seizures. She can pick up her sippy cup but cant set it back down. She needs help in feeding. She remembers peoples voices well and understands a lot of the conversation around her. She can walk with support, and can go up stairs. With prompts she can do some self care. She loves to be rocked and snuggled.¬† Music helps her go to sleep. She loves all kinds of music.¬† When she is happy she squeals. She needs sunglasses to go outside. She is not potty trained and cannot speak. She is sensitive to temperature changes and this can cause a seizure. She does not like to have her hair brushed.

    The fees for this situation are $8300, however since the legals may be higher, estimate 10,000. If you don’t need subsidies or want agency help, once again SAA will step out and let attorney’s handle the adoption.


  • 10492276_302967853217775_1916457839366216664_n[1]These little ones need to find their families. If these¬†children tug at your heart and you are homestudy ready…contact Sara… If NOT, share so they can find their home.. And pray that we all could look at ourselves a little clearer, a little closer…and know that EVERY child belongs in a family …parenting is a life long job…and their lives have just barely begun. Lets all do our part.

  • Esther