Family needed for a teenage boy


This young man is 14 years old and was adopted when he was 2 years old from Russia. He is parented by his single mother. Their relationship is struggling right now and she is looking for a placement for him, hopefully  into a home with two parents; maybe experienced with teenagers.  A family with a lot of time to help him navigate his teenage years and all the decisions he needs to make as he becomes an adult; so a smaller family is preferred or one with grown children.

Playing sports, he is athletically gifted, is one of his favorite things to do!  He ice skates too! He does pretty well in his classes in school. He is an animal lover, he has had turtles, guinea pigs and dogs that he has taken care of and loved. He is struggling with God, although he has been raised Catholic.

He is in the state of INDIANA. Kids First Adoption Services is willing to do your homestudy if you are not HS ready and live in state. If you are out of state you need to be homestudy ready.

If you would like to know more;

contact: or call 317-843-2300

Adoption fees: $5000, including ICPC  if you are from outside of Indiana. You will be required, of course, to do post placement and finalization in your own state.

Share this post, PLEASE! 

Please, please be respectful; as you have noticed, I do not approve comments anymore as some are just not respectful of either the agencies or the placing parents.  This is one of the most difficult decisions a parent will ever make. It is never done without a lot of thought and a lot of heart searching and guilt already… so please… pray for both this young man and his mother as well as any family who will welcome this child into their waiting family.


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Special baby girl due in TX deadline Nov 21



A Bundle of Joy is networking with an agency in Texas seeking a family for a baby girl due in January 2018 in Texas. Please note, this will be a special needs adoption, as the precious bundle will be born with heterotaxy syndrome and a complex congenital heart disease.  Her heart  will require many surgeries throughout her lifetime; one of which will be during her first week of life. The baby’s stomach is also located on the right side as indicated in ultra sound report. The link provided is from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, but please be sure to speak your pediatrician regarding herterotaxy.
Expectant mother is in her early thirties and denies the use of drugs, alcohol and mental illness. She admits to smoking Marijuana a few times and drinking socially, and stopped when she learned of her pregnancy.  The expectant father is unknown.   The expectant momma enjoys helping others and singing.  She would like to place her baby girl with a family who will love her unconditionally and provide her with a better life than she can provide.  SERIOUS inquires only will be provided with social summary and medical records (141 pages total) to review.
Deadline to respond is  Noon EST Tuesday, November 21 if you would like to be presented for this adoption opportunity.  As this case is urgent, ABOJ will respond to email over the weekend to answer questions.
Agency fees $15,000 (does not include finalization)
Finalization $2,600-3,500
ABOJ Networking & Referral Fee $2,000

*** Only registered families will be presented  to the agency working with the expectant mother.  To Register contact:


Martine H. Powell, M.A.
Senior Adoption Advisor
A Bundle of Joy Adoption Networking & Referral
131 Brooks Edge Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27107
(336) 770-2675 Phone ext. 1
(336) 585-7016 Fax

If this little one does not fit your family, I am sure she does fit someone’s !! So, please share so the expectant mom can find a great match for her special little one!

Thank you all for sharing !!  My part in helping with family finances are women’s clothing and coffee!! Any purchase is greatly appreciated!  and 

Baby girl Due in the North East needs a special family

Special Angels Adoption is  looking for a very special adoptive family for a baby girl, due this month!! This little one is projected to be born with a severe brain malformation.  The baby will be born in a North Eastern state that requires agency adoptions. The family must be homestudy ready and prepared to parent a baby with any range of disability.


Email for more information

Thank you all for sharing so this little one can find her family, and praying for both the expectant family whose heart is hurting, the baby who could use a touch from the Great Physician, and for all the families considering this little blessing.


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Amos 5:21-14, Matt 16:24, Matt 22:37-40, Matt 25:31-46, James 1:27

I will worship You by giving to the poor
By bringing hope to hopeless places
I will love You by feeding those in need
By touching their disease and their souls with Your love

You said what you do to the least of these
You do it unto to me
You know what you do to the least of these
You do it unto to me so I will…

Love You Lord with all my heart,
My soul, my mind, and my strength
And so I’ll love the ones you love
Now I’m taking up my cross for You
Obeying Your commands
I want my worship to be true
Cause when I’m loving them
I’m loving You

I will honor You by honoring the last
By giving worth to things deemed worthless
I will serve You by sheltering the strange
By clothing them with grace that cannot give in return

You said what you do to the least of these
You do it unto to me
You know what you do to the least of these
You do it unto to me so I will…


How can I say I love You
When I do not love the things that You love
When my heart is hard but Your’s is broken for this broken world
So Jesus I will be Your hands and feet, don’t just want to sing anymore
So I will…


I will care for You when I’m caring for the weak
When I’m going and I’m speaking of Your love and faithfulness
I will follow You by going where You’ve been
By declaring to all men that You’re the Truth, the Life, the Way

On Judgement day what will He say of the deeds that you have done?

Lyrics by Matt Papa

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Christian Music, Ashes Remain

Micah Tyler, New Christian Music

Living with chronic cancer: Ray update

I have sat so many times looking at this same blank page… What does chronic cancer look like? It looks like exhaustion, it looks like resignation, it looks like chaos, it looks like half finished projects. The constant drip of a faucet, always some pressure, something always underlying the events of the day. Disassociation. Yes that is it, disassociation…


In the oncology department, we are in cancer mode. At home, we are in parent mode. At the store, we are in store mode.

The true sign I have compartmentalized… when I am asked…”how’s Ray “in store mode…and there is that pause, that adjustment of emotion, that catch in the heart, and the walls fall down between the compartments and for a second…you feel anger, anguish and your breath catches and you can’t answer….then, assessing the questioner… and the answer is either…”fine” or details are given …

Another true sign of chronic cancer  is the projects started between chemo treatments.  Started  with great hope and promise… trying to hurry to finish before another treatment…not quite able to complete… then a treatment…and recovery days of exhaustion and survival to emerge in a few weeks… looking at the scattered unfinished projects and he realizes he can no longer work on his back, on his knees, on a ladder…but neither is he sure how to hand the task off to another…so … he starts a brand new project while the remnants and uncomplete project from the month before sits because he just can’t physically do the next step and yet he hopes someday he will…

Money…yes money… medical bills that somehow arrive … unpaid from a few years before that somehow were  covered than not covered… no brain power to access, to tease out…so they go in a stack… trying to think… not sure why we all have fuzzy thinking,  fuzzy lives….fuzzy just kind of floating… no one can make decisions. Our family tire business continues to fail. We encourage the kids to move on… think about their future and all they see is the present because the future is too scary and they can’t decide on schools, careers, jobs… they are tied with this very strong thread and just cannot escape the vortex… We try to shove and they just come back.

One day this past month, in the clear thinking in the morning, when my thoughts were quiet…God told my spirit…”you are selfish” And I knew it was true. You see Ray almost died a year ago when he went into septic shock after having sepsis four times in the previous two years.  I am sure that part of me built a very tall wall… very tall because I am not sure how to do this… It’s like part of you prepares for death and then when it doesn’t happen over and over again, part of you just freezes and dies.

Part of me toughened up and determined to try to figure out how to be alone, but I am not; if that makes any sense. During this time was when I joined LuLaRoe (bad choice, I knee jerked and did not think clearly ; see above haha the fuzzy thinking section)

When I started to think about God’s words ‘you are selfish”… I did what I do many times, I opened my Bible and asked for wisdom…. and my Bible opened to Isaiah 48… Talking about how much He showed the Israelites… yet they would not hear and He showed them hidden things…..look at verse 10…”Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction” … And God has shown me so many things… He is the Rock, We are here only for such a short season, why do we worry so much about where we live, how the children will be clothed and fed… somehow it always works…God has been so faithful… when I become fearful and selfish, protecting myself and not being open, trusting, my ability to love, listen and serve is swamped with the inward turn of my mind, there is no room for outward action when I am consumed with inward fear.

so all this me stuff that came forward… I need to do this … I need to do that… in panic mode after last year was all about…well…. ME… and how I could save the day… but maybe that is just not the plan… just maybe it is not…

Anyway I did learn as long as my thinking is fuzzy…don’t make decisions, just don’t…. and I do need to let the walls down, that is hard to do when you know it is not safe … my emotions might get stomped again…my heart just might be ripped out of my chest again when I am still breathing, but… but… living this way is just not fully living.

UPDATE on Ray’s cancer… the numbers remain stable but high, they need to be lower for a stem cell transplant, his best chance at remission. He has had two bouts with upper respiratory infections since the kids have gone back to school and brought home their crud. Doctors have requested a new chemotherapy medication to be added to his current protocol to try to reduce his cancer load and it was denied, they appealed and got a second denial.  Pray for us always.

Teenage boy needs a therapeutic home

broken heart fix

This sonshine is 15 years old but has the emotional age of a 10 year old boy due to the loss of first his mother and then his father. He has been with his extended family, but they are not sure how best to meet his emotional needs and fears. He is not violent,  but will need a very understanding, supportive therapeutic family. It is thought that he will get his needs met best by a smaller family experienced in therapeutic methods.  The ideal family the agency feels is one where he is the youngest child and one that is willing to get the support he needs to mature into the young man God designed him to be.

broken heart holding

Fees : $13 thousand for FL families:  $15 thousand for out of state families: This fee includes agency fee, legal fees, social worker fees, Hope Embraced referral fee for special needs/circumstance cases.

If you are interested, please contact:

Please pray for this young man, his extended family, and for the families considering his situation for adoption.

I have no control over fees, I do not represent any of the agencies in my blog. I advocate only for the children.

Brownswissmomma Boutique, LLC  my small part to help provide for our family. 


North Carolina Family needed for a special baby girl

baby girl heart condition

Special angels adoption is  looking for a homestudy ready family for a baby girl with a serious heart condition. Must live near a children’s hospital with a good/excellent cardiac care unit. NC family preferred. No more than 2 or 3 children at home. If interested you will need to complete an intake form and special angels  will need to review your homestudy. It is best for the baby to stay in NC as she is currently in the hospital, but a transfer would be possible ONLY if there is an agreement with the sending hospital and the receiving hospital. The family wants at least a semi-open adoption!!

ONLY if you are homestudy ready

and financially ready ( fees will be around $8000),

contact: for questions.

Sorry…not open to NY families.

If she is not your baby, please share so she can find her family, and her family can find her 🙂 What a precious, precious bundle!! Someone is going to be VERY blessed!!

North Carolina

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National Down Syndrome Adoption Network has a great need for FAMILIES

I was young once, I was insecure once, I could not breathe once…


We were approved for special needs placements right from the beginning…but you see, in my head I had the view of what child I thought that meant… maybe drug exposed, maybe delayed, maybe diabetic… maybe deaf… but…

The phone rang (this was before cell phones were common) I can remember pacing back and forth as the worker asked if we would consider… a baby in Pittsburgh, born last weekend with Down syndrome… they had one family but they had just had a placement of another baby with Down syndrome not even three months ago and it was their third placement in two years…

My mind absolutely raced… I had not planned for this…my other brain was saying well the mom did not plan for this either… and I was like … I have no idea where to begin, who do I contact for a doctor? What would I do for therapies, would our health insurance cover the baby… and on and on.. Then that calmer brain said, come on you could do this.. And one side of my brain won… We said, No.. I thought someone else might be better who knew how to DO IT!!  Later of course we had the chance again.. and we said YES 🙂 Josiah is so precious to us… so very precious. Do not let fear RULE!!


That decision has haunted me, because, I could have done it! I just did not have confidence in ME… in US!!  I just had no way to contact a tribe!! FB was not a thing, I knew only one person who had a child with DS.

world at your fingertips

Today you all are so very fortunate to have the world at your fingertips, to have advice from parents who are eager to help…raise a child with Down syndrome.


Stephanie Thompson, the director of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network NEEDS families!! If you live in these states, she has NO families in her registry!! If she is contacted by an expectant mom, or a mom who has given birth…or an agency who needs a family for a baby with Down syndrome; she has to show them someone from another state, and sometimes the hospital stays for these little ones are LONG and being in the same state is a PLUS for that and, also, no ICPC and third… subsidy is much easier to apply for!! So can you believe it, these states have NO FAMILIES registered! 

Connecticut     Hawaii     Delaware     Illinois     Kansas     Kentucky     Maine     Massachusetts     Michigan     Mississippi   Missouri     Montana     Nebraska     Nevada     New Hampshire          New Mexico        North Carolina     North Dakota     Oklahoma     Oregon     Rhode Island     South Carolina     South Dakota     Washington     Wisconsin     Wyoming


Other states have at least one family, but more are needed, because most families who adopt children with Down syndrome are older ,experienced families; that is not a BAD thing, but sometimes, the expectant families like to see a variety of families!! So if you are on the registry already, Stephanie appreciates each and every one of you!!


There is a SPECIAL need for families who are not gender specific and especially open to infant BOYS whose fees are over $10,000. Although the NDSAN charges NO fees… ZERO for their work… agencies and lawyers DO usually… Those fees, Stephanie cannot control and they can have quite a wide range.


IF you are NOT homestudy ready and wish to find an agency, also contact Stephanie who can give you the list she has of agencies in YOUR state that are experienced in special needs placements!! This is so very important, as special needs placements can be much more time consuming and difficult!

To register as a family open to the placement of

infants or children with Down syndrome:

PLEASE contact, Stephanie Thompson at NDSAN,

there are ZERO fees to register, ZERO fees for their assistance!!   or

Please share! And thanks so much for saying YES!! , Esther


Family needed for a Baby boy due November 2017

Thank you all so much!! A family has been chosen!!

For some reason, it is always harder to find families for boys… I can remember when Ray and I first decided to adopt, Ray had two daughters to his first wife, and together we had three BOYS. The boys lived with us so, of course the assumption was that we would want to adopt a girl…boy were they surprised when we said it did not matter, and, in fact, we would PREFER a boy 🙂 I never understood what a rarity that was until I started helping in the adoption field… A family for a boy is harder than a girl… and a boy that is not CAUCASIAN is even harder…shame on us…

A family is needed for  an African American baby boy due in November 2017 in Georgia. The Momma wants a family with at least one prior child.  Expectant mother was reviewing profiles and the conference call with the family she liked did not go well, so she wishes to see additional families!!   Must be home study and financially ready. 



Placement Fee: $15,000.00

Georgia social counseling $500.00

Total: $ 15,500.00

A Bundle of Joy Networking & Referral Fee $2,000 (Due at time of match) 

Legal expense is separate and must be negotiated with the attorney; it can range $5000+

 Contact information has been removed because a family has been found!! This situation has been matched! 

Thank you all for sharing, and I KNOW by now you know … Please, please pray for the momma, that she has clarity as she decides what is best for her little one to come. Pray for the families who apply.

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Baby Boy due with Down syndrome

texas (2)

An agency in Texas is seeking a family open to a Down Syndrome Asian baby BOY due in December 2017.  Birth family is placing together. They are parenting two other children and do not feel they are capable of parenting this little boy. There are no fees due to Hands to Hold for this opportunity.

Agency fees are $18,500 for everything but finalization. Not open to families in New York.

If you are a homestudy ready family open to this little boy please email Jamie at

Pray for the expectant family and for the family chosen,

 please share !!




Oh FRIENDS, URGENT NEED for a special family


UPDATE 8/4/2017 BABY IS MATCHED!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! SPECIAL ANGELS ADOPTION, is looking  for a homestudy ready family for a baby boy born with a heart issue and a brain issue. This precious little guy is of East Indian descent and is currently in a mid-western state.

midwest-map for adoption

HE URGENTLY NEEDS A FAMILY : He is about to be released from the hospital and a family is  needed with him ASAP.

Fees will be around $12,000.

Thank you all so much for loving these little ones and SHARING or APPLYING if you are eligible and the situation matches your family. Without YOU many of these children would not have found their family!! So, Thanks again! Share, APPLY, and PRAY for the families making  very difficult heart choices.

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