URGENT baby girl in TX with Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome needs a family!

Update: 12/31/15  at 6:55 Am… Oh my gosh…you guys are the BEST! Jeanna has received 278 emails in five hours!! ( I did not get her heads up to remove her email address since I was ASLEEP haha 🙂 But I am sure in those that replied there is a family. However, if you were interested and it is URGENT…please remember, send an email if you can with your homestudy attached and a profile attached pdf…that is the absolute best way to be considered! If you do not have a homestudy to send and/or dont have a homestudy there is honestly no time to get one with in 24 hours; you should consider being ready for the NEXT urgent situation!!! And yes there are fees, lots of emails from families that don’t recognize there are fees with adoptions. The free adoptions like from foster care are really not free, the taxpayers pay the fees… Anyway THANKS a bundle this little one WILL find her home!! You ROCK!!


There is no time… you either are ready or you are not…she will be placed in CPS custody in 24 hours if no family comes forward since the birth parents have already signed…You must be 100% committed…no showing up talking to doctors and walking…none of that… there just is not time for that…SOOO


Someone is going to be VERY Blessed!!

She is Caucasian, in TX and four months old! She needs someone to FIGHT with and for her! She has had ONE surgery but will need two more! She is doing well and the doctors are trying to get her off of oxygen and then the feeding tube, but discharge is VERY soon!! She will come home maybe to your house!! Her diagnosis is Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Someone needs to step forward who is NOT afraid to say YES regardless of the future! Someone that can care for her and hold her so she feel so cherished and loved… maybe that is YOU!


Agency fees are $12,000 plus the fee of $1600 for the work that Hope Embraced Adoption Agency has done in trying to find families to refer.

If you are HOMESTUDY READY, have a profile to show the birth family, and can fly to TX within the next 24 hours…

Please read the following about Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome:

If she is NOT your baby, please, please share and pray that she HAS a family before time runs out.

16 comments on “URGENT baby girl in TX with Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome needs a family!

  1. If doctor fees and all other fees can be paid I can take her! I can’t pay the fees, but can love and cherish this beautiful child!

  2. I know a “business” has costs but $12,000 ???? I think more families would be able to adopt IF the “fees” weren’t so high!!! Think about it….IT’S A LIFE, an innocent, God given LIFE… It’s sad that families that would LOVE to adopt but can’t…because it’s too expensive of a “fee”. …just my opinion…

  3. I would love to take this child bc we have taken care of a child in the past with the same issues plus I am a disabled nurse and I think that this child would do our family good as well as the child benefiting from our family but the fees are the problem.

  4. Yes that’s true…… Tax payers do pay the fees…. But what a great place to put tax payer money ….. To invest in a CHILDS life……………. We did a foster care Adoption …….. And couldn’t b more THANKFUL……………………………..

  5. I am at TCH right now with my 3 year old with A single ventrical. If she is at TCH, I would love to help in any way. I am an adoptive mom of 2 and former foster parent. We have been at TCH off and on since September with the best team in the world for this condition. Feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do.

  6. I’m in Dallas about to get my honest must tomorrow. I myself was born with heart disease and I got a heart transplant 5 yrs ago. We live in Dallas TX. I know we’d be a great family for her with Tricare military insurance her medical would be covered for free with us. I know we are perfect for her…but the fees we cannot pay. Maybe somehow if she ends up in cos she will God willing come to us.

  7. This precious life needs a family that is ready for an up hill down hill roller-coaster ride. I work with heart children daily. I lost my youngest son at three months while waiting for a new heart. Heart families are special. It is a special calling. If the fees were not so expensive I would take her into my home ASAP and give her every chance at life she could have. My words of wisdom to those considering. Make sure to understand hlhs. Make sure that you understand that surgery is not a permanent fix. Make sure that you have the time to be busy with doctors. Being a heart parent, it becomes a new life. I’m praying for this precious soul to be placed in a wonderful home. That God’s hands will be placed upon her.

  8. I have a son with HLHS. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He is 2yrs. old. I love him so much. I stay at home with him. Taking him to check ups and therapy. My son had 2 surgeries so far, one more in a year. I would love to care for this little girl.

  9. Hello people hopefully someone can give a home to this little girl but before you send your home study I would would check into it. It seems officially urgent when all that will happen is the girl will go to an appropriate family in foster care it’s not like she’ll be left on the door step of the hospital. Also home studies have a lot of personal information and would be a great tool for identity theft. Verify with the local Children and Youth to verify this child situation or to at least help legitimize the situation. Hope to hear she finds a home.

    • the agency asking for the information is licensed and approved to place children into adoptive homes. You are correct, if a family does not come forward the baby either will…be placed in a foster home, or into a long term medical care facility since her physical needs may be greater than what any foster care family can meet. I am with you! I really hope and pray she has a home…the agency feels sure of it with the responses that she had received… Thank you for caring!

  10. Not sure what happened with baby girl but we are in Dallas TX and just got our homestudy done. I know we would be a great family for her. I was born with heart disease and had a heart transplant in 2010. We are not afraid of heart issues and have Tricare military insurance for the rest of our lives so her medical would be completely free for her the rest of her life. The fees are horrible when their are so many families that want to help but cannot afford the adoption fee, it’s about a life not the money. What happened to baby girl did she get adopted or is she with cps TX now?

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