IZZYB is Counting on us

This little one was listed from Texas:



Izabella is full of animation and confidence. She loves to smile and giggle. When Izabella is asked to give “loves” which means she rubs her cheek against you and giggles she thinks that is the grandest thing. She loves to listen to hip hop music and bounces to the music. Izabella does not like country music. She is now able to maintain a sitting position. She is getting more comfortable with exploring toys that are placed around her. Izabella is learning to eat by mouth with assistance, although her primary nutrition continues to be accomplished through a G-Tube. Other than smiling and giggling Izabella’s communication consist of babbling at this time. Izabella is diagnosed with a slow growing brain tumor for which she has had surgery.  Izabella is legally blind.

And the most wonderful thing happened… A friend was MATCHED WITH HER!! They are going Miles from their home, staying in TX to attach with her somewhat before moving home… but they need some help.

They have raised $1125 of the $2500 they needed…leaving only $1375.

Here is why it costs money:  … We thought we would have time to spread out the Flight/Training/Lawyer/and Flying her HOME Cost..  but … We have to Fly to TRAIN to bring her home in two weeks.. Then we have to pay the attorney while we are there and we have to book a standby plane ticket for the Caseworker and our daughter to fly home as soon as the ICPC and State accepts our request…..

Is there something you can do to help?

Izabella is two years old and has only known foster care and her forever family can’t wait to see her in TEN days!!!


 Our Daughter has a brain tumor/she is blind/ and needs to come home NOW. 

After 27 foster children and the Death of our adopted special needs daughter we never thought the Lord would bless us with another child. We are so greatful and so close to bringing her home. Thank you and God Bless


Here is the link to their fundraising page:



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