Urgent Placement Indiana Baby Girl

Update 12/20/14 baby is matched!! Thank you all for sharing, this baby girl has been matched with her family!! But still waiting for a match is this little one due in February with mild agenesis of corpus collosum: Due Feb 2015 in TX Please read and share about this little guy, he needs a family right from the start!! http://wp.me/pGjVl-Y8

Update: 12/17/14 Inna is now willing to consider any family physically able to care for this baby that has a current homestudy that is specific for special needs placement!! Including those who have other children with special needs in the home. So if that is you, and this little one touches your heart, please apply! follow the guidelines below for sending in your application!! No family YET has been ready that has come forward…NONE.

Domestic Adoption- Immediate Placement!


KidsFirst Adoption,

9135 North Meridian Street, Suite B-4, Indianapolis, IN 46260

 is currently looking for an adoptive family for an infant, Caucasian female born December 15, 2014. This is an immediate placement! The child has been diagnosed with congenital hydrocephalus and microcephaly. The baby is not sucking on her own and probably will need a G-tube. Fees are $6000.00 placement, $2000.00 legal with ICPC and  $1000.00 for Indiana families.  In the state of Indiana, the birthmom is entitled to $3000.00 of living expenses if requested(she has not requested them at this time)

 KidsFirst requires that the adoptive parents are

  • no more than 48 years of age, (no longer applies)
  • have a current home study,
  • and have no more than 3 children living in the home.(no longer applies)
  • KidsFirst prefers that the family live in Indiana (out of state families will need to travel to IN right away and be able to stay in state until the child is discharged from the hospital and interstate compact is approved)
  • and the family members are in good health. (no longer applies)
  • Interested families should immediately call the KidsFirst office at 317-843-2300 or email Executive Director, Inna Pecar at ipecar@kidsfirstadoption.com.  Please be prepared to provide a statement about your family, your household income, the health of all family members, and your ability to care for this special needs child.

Information needed with your email:

  • Income

  • health of family members

  • ability to be in Indiana while baby is hospitalized

  • attach your homestudy  specific for a special needs placement that is done within this past year

  • your profile

  • contact number and email so Inna can reach you

  • long term care plan for the baby

  •  to : ipecar@kidsfirstadoption.com

You will not be considered if you do not send this crucial information.

Deadline is  December 18 at 5:00pm Central time.



29 comments on “Urgent Placement Indiana Baby Girl

  1. And this child will end up in foster care because of all those rediculous fees. But everyone cares about the child right? How many of those people that could actually afford those fees do you think want a child with problems?? No, those folks want a perfect baby….meanwhile loving homes who would love that child endlessly without money cant afford to adopt. The adoption business is about nothing more than money and anybody working it should be ashamed of themselves

    • This is actually one of the lower cost special needs adoptions. There are many people eager and waiting to love a special one just like this, right from the beginning. When the child enters foster care, the fees are paid, just by the taxpayers instead of the adopting parents. Fees are always a frustration to everyone involved with adoption. Unfortunately, the education to have the ability to place children and babies is expensive, setting up office space and staff is expensive. It is not fair to expect an agency to do special needs adoptions for free. And is the case most of the time, these fees are significantly reduced from their normal fee structure. If agencies bow out of all special needs adoptions and decide not to involve themselves because they lose money on them….then all of these precious ones will spend valuable years in the foster system until everything is sorted out before they are placed in their forever home. I, for one, hope they don’t do that.

    • This isn’t about the adoption fees, it’s more about the infant getting the medical care she needs. If you had any idea the cost, you wouldn’t be so judgemental. You obviously don’t understand medical care and cost. I have worked in a NICU most of my nursing career, medical care is expensive. These infant’s a lot of times go to bigger facilities to get care, it not the adoption business itself. Think about what the infant need was to begin with, do your research, before you go blaming. Some will do anything to help a innocent child.

  2. Reblogged this on Brownswissmomma's Blog and commented:

    time is running out Inna has adjusted her criteria for eligible families. She has already spoken to the social services at the hospital regarding her long term care if no family comes forward. Please, lets find her a family…she needs a family.

  3. I am to old .But there is people that would keep her and take wonderful care of her . They should never be a charge for a child .SHE is not a dog ???

    • the fees are to pay the staff that keep the placement legal, make sure the family is qualified, counsel the birth parents, follow the laws for interstate compact. In order for a place to be an agency, they need to be licensed and pay for their education and licensure and staff and office space and advertising… it is expensive. Just to let you know though, I am not an agency do not work with these agencies, I am just a momma to special needs children with a heart for finding homes for the harder to place situations..

  4. If only we had a home study conplete and the extra funds on hand to pay the fees our family would love to have this little Angel. We are financially stable but like most people with a family, we don’t keep that kind of liquidateable cash on hand. 😦 I hope this lil’ one gets the Christmas miracle she deserves.

  5. We’d love to have this baby…but don’t have $6,000 to adopt it and don’t have special needs training, but have love for special needs..<3 God Bless this baby girl…we love you sweetheart..we're in Indiana also..<3

  6. Seems like the kinder and more loving thing to do, would all but be waive the fees for the right family….and ensure that the adoptive family will have the ability to put the 9-12 K towards health care of this little girl.

  7. Speaking from experience a child like that will require 24 hour care when she is well. When she is not she will require numerous surgeries and hospitalizations. A special bed, bathing and travel equipment. Not to mention the cost of specialized food. Only a fool without money would attempt this. She needs the support of the state. I adopted 2 shaken baby syndrome angels that have blessed my life beyond words. I could not have done it if they did not come with the support of the state. The costs go well beyond what you could imagine. There are many qualified foster families out there that are already trained and ready and waiting for a child like this. They sometimes adopt or just love them until their forever homes are found. If any one has ever cared for this kind of a baby you know the special bond that can only happen here. Bless you all

  8. My little sister has hydrocephalus and Robin is right in some aspects. She did have to have multiple surgeries when she was a baby, the cost was enormous. My parents were told that my sister wouldn’t live past the age of 2 and if she did, she would be a vegetable. While she does require 24-hour care (she lives in a group home), she doesn’t require any special equipment or food. She is fully ambulatory, but she got there through a lot of hard work from my parents and lots of therapy. Hopefully the adoptive parents are willing to put in the hard work and not accept the “permanent vegetable” status that doctors will give them.

    • I love your response Billie, that is what the agency is being told, but God is in control of what her “potential” is and if the adopting parents believe that she has potential by golly they will work to reach it!!

  9. Would love To have this little one join our family. But we also are not Homestudy ready, are above the age limit and in treatment with our youngest who came home from Haiti 4 years ago at the age of 5.

  10. For all those whining about the costs and saying they should “waive the fees,” how about you go to your employer and say you want to “waive your paycheck” for the last 2 weeks you worked. Since you feel like everyone should be so outrageously generous, why don’t you lead by example?

  11. We have sent our info in….I would love nothing more than to bring her home and have another daughter! We have 2 children ages 12 and 16 which we adopted at birth….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let her be the final part to our family

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